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Ms Charlene Heng

Charlene Paul-Heng (Mrs), has been practicing social work for more than 11 years since graduation from National University of Singapore. She majored in Social Work (BA with Hons), and is also certified by Canadian Council of Professional Certification (CCPC) as a solution-focused therapist. Charlene has developed and conducted programmes for youths-at-risk in schools and in the prison setting. She has also handled casework management with at-risk and low-income families. In the recent years, Charlene focused on providing clinical supervision for caseworkers, as well as conducting training for professionals and public in the area of counselling and casework management.
Currently, Charlene oversees a programme that aims to help low income families come out of poverty. The programme aims to increase the net worth of these families, provide buffer for crises, and create opportunities for social inclusion. Some distinctive features of the programme include investing in the next generation, savings matching and debts clearance.
Charlene is married to a fellow passionate social worker.

Ms Charlene Heng
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