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Consultancy Services

We provide training services, resource speakers and customised courses to bring out the best in individuals and help organizations realize their goals and vision. 

Customised Courses for Organisations

You may adopt the contents of any of our courses and run it as a customised programme, or have an entirely new programme developed to cater to your organisation's training needs.  Our trainers or subject experts will assist you in the fulfillment of your organisation’s training and development plans. Programmes can be arranged at our AHD premises, or at a location of your preference, all at the convenience of your participants.

We are certified to conduct DISC Profile, as well as Prepare and Enrich (pre-marital assessment) courses.

Counsellor talking to a client

Professional Development courses

e.g. Essential Skills in Counselling, Intentional Interviewing and Counselling, etc.

wooden stick man climbing up a stair of wooden blocks

Self-Development courses

e.g. Knowing One Another through DISC, Effective Presentation Skills, etc.

volunteers standing in a field

Other courses upon client's requests

e.g. Volunteer training, empathy workshops, lunchtime talks.

Resource Speakers

For any organisation with learning programmes which are in place for their staff but is in need of a speaker or trainer, we have a ready pool of highly regarded speakers and trainers. They will enable your staff to tap into their hidden potentials that bring out their dynamism, making them more fruitful and efficient in their workplace.

Contact us today at 6425 2422, or email! We look forward to discuss and plan your organisation’s training and development needs with you.

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