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  • How established are AHD's courses?
    AHD has been established since 1998 and conducting courses since 2000. With our years of counselling experiences and extensive network, AHD is highly recognized in the community and social service sectors.
  • How is AHD related to Fei Yue Community Services?
    AHD is a subsidiary of Fei Yue Community Services.
  • Who are our lecturers?
    Our lecturers are professional counsellors, social workers, therapists, family life educators or university professors. They are qualified and experienced practitioners. Majority of our lecturers are registered with Council for Private Education (CPE).
  • What is 'Blended Learning'?
    Blended learning refers to a combination of online digital learning with traditional classroom face-to-face learning. Learners will be able to download and review the course materials anytime & anywhere before the classroom session, freeing up some time during the course for more in-depth discussions and conversations with the adult educators and fellow learners.
  • How do I register for AHD's courses?
    You can register via our Training Management System. Please search for the course title and click the yellow "Register Now" button on the page. If you have any trouble with registration, feel free to give us a call at 6425 2422.
  • What are the fundings available for Self-sponsored individuals?
    Please refer to this page.
  • What are the fundings available for company-sponsored individuals?
    Refer to funding information here. Note 1. All funding applications must be submitted via the organizations. 2. Organizations are bound by Funding Terms and Conditions stipulated by NCSS and SSG.
  • What is Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme?
    The Industry-Wide Course Fee Protection Insurance Scheme is a requirement by Council for Private Education (CPE) to protect the interest of our students taking Diploma in Counselling Skills (Mandarin) and Diploma in Family Life Education (Mandarin) courses. For more information about the insurance coverage, please click the following documents to view the Master Insurance Agreement or read about the Insurance Policy.
  • When does your early bird discount end?
    Our early bird discounts usually end 6 weeks before the course start date.
  • How do I use my SkillsFuture Credits for your courses?
    Please note that SkillsFuture Credits can only be used on WSQ courses or if the course description states that it is SkillsFuture Credit-eligible. Only self-sponsored individuals can use SkillsFuture Credits. To use your credits, please refer to the document attached. If your course is held in partnership with the Social Service Institute (SSI Training Network Model 2.0), then please contact SSI to ask for their process on the usage of SkillsFuture Credits.

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