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吕伯希老师 / Mr Elias Loo

曾在新加坡国立教育学院获得实用心理学硕士学位及优等研究生教育文凭。他也受过其他专项辅训练,如焦点解决短期咨商,性格及行为分析,培训与评估高级证书认证等,并特别学习以中文为媒介语的辅导文凭课程。过去十多年,吕老师特别在进行有关青少年行为及情绪辅导,他曾在关怀辅导中心和飞跃家庭服务中心进行工作;同时在少年感化院和监狱等场所开展工作坊;也曾在数所本地中学担任过教师和辅导系,在辅导的过程中他积累了许多宝贵的工作经验。他擅长激发学生把理论活用在他们生活的各个领域,能够根据教学需要以双语为不同层次的莘莘学子授课(包括外国大学委任的辅导专业文凭班),是一位深受学生爱戴的老师 。
Mr Elias Loo possesses a Master Degree of Arts (Applied Psychology), which focuses on Counselling Psychology, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education and an Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance (ACLP), just to name a few. Mr Loo completed SFBT Certification registered with Canadian Council for Professional Certification prior to 2010.
He has extensive experience working with youths and sometimes their families as teacher, mentor, facilitator, family life educator and/or counsellor in one-to-one and/or group settings. He remains active in teaching and training in different settings such as educational institutions, in the prisons, and in discussions with adult learners in AHD.

吕伯希老师 / Mr Elias Loo
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