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Trauma Informed Care Practice course

Trauma Informed Care Practice course

About the Course

The overall aim of Trauma-Informed Practice is to ensure that services are delivered in ways that prevent further harm or re-traumatisation for those who have already experienced psychological trauma or adversity at any stage in their lives. This training is dedicated to understanding the impacts of traumatic events and how to best support traumatized clients by promoting a climate with trauma care informed principles. Trauma-Informed Practice principles are generally applicable, for instance in social work practice, mental health, residential care, police, criminal justice social work, addiction services and education. Key TIP principles’ will be covered with introduction of evidence-based trauma interventions with emphasis on application and discussion to tackle implementation challenges.

Course Outline:

  • The definition of a trauma and what effects are commonly experienced post-trauma. 

  • What are the trauma symptoms and responses and how do you recognize in your clients, your colleagues and yourself?  

  • The impact of trauma on human development across the lifespan 

  • Research and neuroscience about trauma  

  • Principles of Trauma Informed Care 

  • What makes for a trauma informed organisation?  

  • Case studies and applications  

  • Key ingredients to successful implementation  

  • What else do you need to do as TIC professionals in your organization?  

  • Compassion fatigue and trauma exposure for professionals  

  • Resiliency and wellbeing practices for professionals 

Course Objectives

To ensure that this course helps participants to understand what every professional, team, and organization can do to provide trauma-informed care in the workplace. 

Who Should Attend

Anyone as a helping professional who are handling clients.


Participants who meet 75% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Academy of Human Development.

Course Description

Your Trainer

Ms Mercy Teo

Ms Mercy Teo

Ms Mercy Teo is the Founder and Director of Nurture Growth, Nurture Relationships. She has more than 20 years of experience working in the medical and community based social work setting, and has gained 12 years of rich experience in crisis and trauma work. In the last 7 years, she has been equipping and training community social service professionals and school counsellors in TF-CBT and trauma-informed care in the community. Mercy has a Master’s in Social Work and is an active practitioner in TF-CBT and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as a trauma therapist. She is also trained in Let's Connect, a trauma responsive parenting modality. She is currently also a consultant, supervisor and trainer to several organizations in the local community and in Asia.


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Mr Dave Goh / 6593 5284

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