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Transforming Trauma through Art - A Comprehensive Introduction to Art Therapy course

Transforming Trauma through Art - A Comprehensive Introduction to Art Therapy course

About the Course

This course is intended to introduce professionals working with children and adolescents to trauma-informed art interventions as understood from a psychotherapeutic framework. The construct of trauma will be explored from a developmental perspective, and the role of art therapy interventions will be based on neurobiological and psychodynamic understanding. It will combine experiential components with lectures, to introduce participants to principles and practices of art therapy.

Course Outline

Introduction to Art Therapy

· Definition & History of Art Therapy

· Art Therapy as a Profession

· Ethics & Professional Issues

· Attachment theory and art therapy as a relational intervention


Understanding Trauma:

· Childhood traumatic stress, bereavement and grief

· Impact of trauma on children

· Trauma and the mind-body connection

· Vicarious trauma


Therapeutic use of Art

· Art and mind-body connection

· Tenets of art therapy

· Understand why art enhances trauma intervention

· Provide safety, support and coping skills


Art Experiential

· Develop art themes and ideas built on trauma-informed strategies

· Understand potentials and limitations of art media

· How to guide clients/ supervisees find expressive language through art

Course Objectives

Participants will gain understanding of the roles both process and product in image-making play in art therapy, and ways to develop art themes for therapeutic interventions based on nature of their care-giving roles.

Who Should Attend

Teachers, counsellors, psychologists, social workers, professional caregivers, clinical supervisors with experience working with children and adolescents.


Participants who meet 75% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Completion by the Academy of Human Development and Fei Yue Community Services.

Course Description

Your Trainer

Ms Jolene Chiang

Ms Jolene Chiang

Ms. Jolene Chang, a Registered Senior Art Psychotherapist accredited by ANZACATA.
Jolene is a firm advocate of the transformative power of art therapy, which enables clients to express and process their emotions. Her approach places emphasis on the creative arts, providing a psychologically safe space for clients facing life's challenges and dealing with adverse childhood experiences and trauma. Jolene's psychodynamic-oriented and integrative approach allows her to deeply connect with clients' unique family backgrounds, attachment patterns, and developmental stages. She offers compassionate care and guidance, facilitating healing through creative arts and self-expression. Her expertise and dedication are invaluable in the realm of art therapy and mental health support.
One of the most meaningful projects Jolene had the opportunity to lead was "Tapestries of Grief: Witnessing through Art Therapy" in September 2021. This community art exhibition was conceptualized to support bereaved individuals and helping professionals who had experienced loss, especially during the pandemic, by creating "remembrance ball" artworks. The event saw over 450 artworks contributed by bereaved persons and helping professionals. This project stands as a testament to the power of art therapy in helping individuals cope with their grief and move towards emotional healing. Jolene's expertise and dedication shine through her involvement in such impactful initiatives in the field of art therapy and mental health support.


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