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Supporting Crisis and Managing Risk course

Supporting Crisis and Managing Risk course

About the Course

Day 1

a)  Understand psychological crisis and the reactions to it

b)  Definition and goals of psychological first aid

c)  Understanding a person in crisis

  • Signs and symptoms of distress

  • Stages of grief

d)   ASAP model in psychological first aid

e)   Communicating skills with people in crisis

f) Self care - Strategies to building resilience and preventing burnout

Day 2

a)   Instinctive reactions to crisis

b)   Types of risks: suicide, family violence, harm to others, aggressive/anxious clients

c)    How to make preliminary assessment of risk

d)   Tips on handling low, moderate and high risks

e)   Follow up actions

f)    Tips on handling aggressive/anxious clients

Course Objectives

Supporting Crisis

1)   Understand what psychological crisis is

2)   Learn the ASAP Model of psychological first aid

Managing Risks

1)  Gain awareness of their instinctive reactions to crisis

2)  Learn to Identify different types of risks

3)  Learn to conduct preliminary risk assessment

4)  Be equipped with tips to handle risks

Who Should Attend

Social Work practitioners, administrative and frontline staff of social service agencies who would like to gain knowledge and skills in supporting clients or families who manage helplines or walk-in.


Participants who meet 75% class attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment by the Academy of Human Development.

Course Description

Your Trainer

Ms Ada Wong

Ms Ada Wong

Ada Wong is a Clinical Supervisor in Fei Yue Community Services since 2014. She specializes in supervising case workers and social workers in the field of correctional rehabilitation.

Prior to her work in Fei Yue, Ada Wong was a Senior Prison Officer since 2000 and was designated as a Correctional Rehabilitation Specialist in Singapore Prison Service. Ada had seven years of experience in suicide management and crisis intervention. She had been activated to respond to numerous crisis or severe incidents within the Home Team Department. Ada had provided training and facilitation in National and Home Team C.A.R.E courses. Ada also specialized in conducting group and individual counselling on drug abuse treatment, pro-social thinking skills and violence intervention for inmates.

Ada is an Accredited Registered Social Worker of Singapore Association of Social Workers. She possess a Masters in Social Science (Social Work) (NUS, 2010) and Diploma in Clinical Supervision (Counselling and Care Centre, 2013).


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Mr Dave Goh / 6593 5284

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