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Certified Stress Management Consultant

Certified Stress Management Consultant

About the Course

What is a Certified Stress Management Consultant?

The challenges of work life has never been greater. Your employees have to balance home life with remote work, deal with the financial pressures of a looming recession, providing for the people around them while pushing themselves to perform.

Stress is inevitable and it impacts how you live, socialise and work.

That’s why it’s more crucial than ever that we care for employees’ mental health so they remain productive.

This certification will train managers to be consultants, helping their team maximise output while improving their quality of life.

Why this Certification?

The mind holds immense power over our lives and being able to harness mental challenges to your advantage could lead to a workforce performing at their peak.

Not only will you see productivity increase, employees with lower stress experience a more harmonious relationship with coworkers and are more engaged in the workplace.

But that doesn’t happen by chance. Open concepts, ping pong tables and fully stocked pantries don’t magically reduce stress. It comes with intentional stress management.

A Stress Management Consultant helps people understand the nature of stress, identifies their triggers and stress-responses. Then puts an actionable plan in place to improve people’s lifestyle based on their unique personalities.

What you end up with is happier employees and a healthier organisation.

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Course Objectives

This certification will allow learners to identify different stressors, examining personality and responses. Consultants will then be able to deploy stress management techniques to help other employees in life. 

  • Identify and understand stressors and stress signals

  • Learn how to manage stress and build resilience

  • Help others cope effectively with their stress and achieve balance and success in their lives

  • Develop and understanding of how the four basic personality styles deal with stress

  • Develop a stress management programme tailored to fit your individual style

  • Explore the facts and debunk the myths about stress

  • Learn great tips and techniques you may use in counselling/coaching/mentoring practice

  • Be equipped to conduct a one-day seminar on stress management

Who Should Attend

Social Workers, Coaches, Teachers, Youth Workers, Trainers, Counsellors, HR Professionals and other Professionals working with children and adults.


Participants who complete the full 2-day programme and pass the post-programme assignment will be certified stress management consultants.

Course Description

Your Trainer

Lifeskills Institute

Lifeskills Institute

Since 1996, Lifeskills Institute has established itself as the trusted and leading authority in life skills training and development. They partner with global institutions to deliver top-class, evidence-based solutions across Asia from leadership development, personality profiling, and coaching to personal mastery. To date, they have transformed over 500,000 lives in the region.

Lifeskills Institute provides comprehensive life skills and workplace solutions such as training, certification, profiling consultancy, research and resources for both the corporate and youth segments. Their Professional Division partners with corporations to empower their executives through professional development and mastery to achieve results and growth for their organisations, while their Youth Division engages with schools, institutions and educators to develop their students into effective leaders of their own lives and communities.


Susan Ng, HR and HRD Consultant

Enjoyed the Certified Stress Management Consultant course by Lifeskills Institute. The facilitator, Enoch Mek, is fantastic.

Claudine Fernandez

I attended both the Certified Stress Management Consultant Course and the Certified Behavioural Consultant Course. These are two of the best courses that I've experienced. I've learnt skills that will last a lifetime and the best part is that I can make a greater impact on children and parents all over the world with these certifications. Want to change up your life for the better? Sign up with them now!

Check Course Fees:

Full Course Fee: $1,280 (+prevailing GST)

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Enquiries about the course?

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Mr Dave Goh / 6593 5284

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