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Certified Career Coach

Certified Career Coach

About the Course

What is a Certified Career Coach?

Most people look at jobs as just a means to make a living. They work on autopilot, completing day-to-day tasks meaninglessly, existing without purpose.

Wouldn't it be better if we could do something we like, are good at, aligns with what we want in life AND is a perfect fit for our personality?

As a Certified Career Coach, you help make dreams come true and bring meaning back into people's lives.

Whether it's helping staff in your organisation feel more connected or enabling new hires to find the right seat on the bus, this is your chance to make an impact.

Why this Certification?

Our certification on career coaching pays attention to the voice that matter the most – yourself - and dedicates the space to look inward to acknowledge and appreciate that. 

It begins with a process of building self-awareness as you discover the true effects of career coaching and how this can support you. 

Unravel the CareerKeys™ self-discovery model, a 4-dimensional view to uncover the strengths, skills, drivers and passions of an individual.

What Makes this Certification Special

The CareerKeys™ Self-Discovery Model

4 unique tools ranging from personality assessments to sort cards, to help your clients uncover their career attributes

The ASPIRE Coaching Model

A step-by-step guide to walk your clients through the coaching process

Three-SETS of Career Coaching

Understand and apply the Mindset, Skillset anad Toolset of an effective coach

The Career Decision Matrix

Utilise a tool to help your clients consolidate their discoveries and create commitment towards the next steps

Course Objectives

Learn to understand and apply the concepts, toolset, and frameworks to perform as a career coach.

  • An understanding of the CareerKeys™ model to engage  in conversations that bring self-awareness

  • Acquire the tools to help others identify their unique personality strengths, skills, values and passions

  • Understand key concepts and theories surrounding our 21st century careers

  • Practice and apply different stages of the career coaching process through peer drills, live demos, and case studies

  • Learn a step-by-step guide to walk your clients through the career coaching process and how to present your coaching service

Who Should Attend

This certification programme is highly recommended for professionals looking to enhance their own career prospects and individuals who wish to learn, upskill and expand the services they offer for their existing clients or create a new client base. General & Senior Managers, Educators, Recruitment and HR specialists, Counsellors, Human Development Managers & Executives, Coaches and Career Coaches, Managers, Job Search Trainers and Recruiter, People and Talent Developers/Advisors, Career Guidance Advisors, Facilitators and Trainers of Career Syllabus Content, Career Consultants, and Career Change Practitioners are all welcome to attend.


This certification is an internationally recognised certificate backed up by Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL)’s validation system. Certification approved for ICF Continuing Coach Education.

Course Description

Your Trainer

Lifeskills Institute

Lifeskills Institute

Since 1996, Lifeskills Institute has established itself as the trusted and leading authority in life skills training and development. They partner with global institutions to deliver top-class, evidence-based solutions across Asia from leadership development, personality profiling, and coaching to personal mastery. To date, they have transformed over 500,000 lives in the region.

Lifeskills Institute provides comprehensive life skills and workplace solutions such as training, certification, profiling consultancy, research and resources for both the corporate and youth segments. Their Professional Division partners with corporations to empower their executives through professional development and mastery to achieve results and growth for their organisations, while their Youth Division engages with schools, institutions and educators to develop their students into effective leaders of their own lives and communities.


Yin Ong (Brunei)

After going through the Certified Career Consultant course, you will be equipped with a number of ready tools and strategies to begin your practice as a career coach. There are also opportunities for you to practise coaching during the course. The trainer, Ian, is a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer who handles participants' questions patiently. His insights as an experienced coach is a valuable bonus and add-on to the course content. The course is fun, enjoyable and packed full of helpful content.

Darrell Van, Senior Financial Advisor
Great Eastern Life

The training has been extremely helpful in equipping me with the relevant skill set to ask the right questions in getting to know an individual's motivations and goals. This course has given me the knowledge on how to engage others meaningfully and improved the dynamics in our team. Sarah and Ian were patient, authentic and had complete mastery on the topic. I would 100% recommend them to anyone who works in a team or has to manage a team.

Wilson Lee

Attended the Certified Career Coach programme, and I couldn’t be more glad to have done that. The trainers, Bryan and Sarah, were absolutely brilliant who really knew in depth and believed in the subject, and were highly engaging. Kris also made everyone feel welcomed right away and comfortable. Awesome!

Check Course Fees:

Full Course Fee: $1,398 (+prevailing GST)

Claimable from SkillsFuture Credit. Course ref number: TGS-2022013573

Student raising his hand in a classroom

Enquiries about the course?

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Mr Dave Goh / 6593 5284

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