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Certified Behavioural Consultant

Certified Behavioural Consultant

About the Course

What is a Certified Behavioural Consultant?

Leading a team can be stressful. Ensuring an entire department is performing is even more challenging. Managing an entire organisation? That’s overwhelming… Or is it?

It involves a deep understanding of how people behave, how interactions between them move the dynamics of the company, and how communicating it the right way is more important than what’s being said. 

Based on the well-known and widely used DISC Personality System, this specially designed 2-day intensive certification and training programme in behavioural analysis will equip you with a framework to understand human behaviour more profoundly and key people-reading skills that will help you become proficient in behavioural analysis in no time. 

It explores four basic personality styles and you will learn how to relate better to someone of a different style.

Why this Certification?

The training is an investment in you, your workplace and personal relationships. 

You will be equipped to administer and interpret an assessment instrument that identifies the behavioural style. These instruments are widely used in coaching, counselling, human resource management, talent management and professional consulting.

This certification programme covers a comprehensive introduction to DISC theory, DISC styles, DISC style blends, graphs analysis, special patterns and an introduction to DISC application. 

As a behavioural consultant, you will have instructions in the administration, interpretation, and application of this recognized assessment. 

You will also receive both training and technical support as you go through this certification to ensure your proper understanding and successful application of the training.

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Course Objectives

With this certification, you will have profound skills to effectively consult, counsel and communicate with others.

  • An in-depth understanding of the four dimensions of DISC

  • An application of the Personality Profiling System and tools in personal, team and organisational development

  • How to relate effectively with others: tips to communicate, manage and motivate other styles

  • Learn to read people like a book

  • Acquire tools to help others discover and develop their potential

This certification programme is trained and led by our consultant experts who have trained and profiled thousands in the concept of behavioural assessment. There is consistent ongoing research of data mining into the behavioural quotient with the data collected from more than 50,000 people.

Who Should Attend

Corporate Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Business Consultants, Educators, Trainers, Coaches, Professionals in Human Resource, Education, Social Service, Hospitality & Tourism, Sales & Marketing and other people-oriented industries.


Participants who complete the full 2-day programme, pass a proficiency test by the Institute for Motivational Living, Inc. USA and pass the Post-programme assignment will be certified behavioural consultants.

Course Description

Your Trainer

Lifeskills Institute

Lifeskills Institute

Since 1996, Lifeskills Institute has established itself as the trusted and leading authority in life skills training and development. They partner with global institutions to deliver top-class, evidence-based solutions across Asia from leadership development, personality profiling, and coaching to personal mastery. To date, they have transformed over 500,000 lives in the region.

Lifeskills Institute provides comprehensive life skills and workplace solutions such as training, certification, profiling consultancy, research and resources for both the corporate and youth segments. Their Professional Division partners with corporations to empower their executives through professional development and mastery to achieve results and growth for their organisations, while their Youth Division engages with schools, institutions and educators to develop their students into effective leaders of their own lives and communities.


Ronna Miranda, Learning and Development

The Certification of Behavioural Consultant programme run by Lifeskills Institute is worth attending as it allows you to not only profile yourself but also helps you to enhance your communication with other traits. It can be used for personal or professional development.

Gracia Gan, Regional Training Manager
Sincere Watch Limited

Attended the CBC and gleaned a lot from Ian and Sarah, who are excellent and engaging trainers. There was not a dull moment during the course. The resources provided were comprehensive and very applicable to my work. Strongly recommended!

Tan Chuan How, Former CEO

After going through the CBC course, I've discovered numerous ways to improve many parts of my business. For example, I've learnt how to hire more suitable people based on their personality type and job description. Many at times, we hire based eligibility (work experience, etc.), but the ONE THING that we tend to overlook is the SUITABILITY of the individual. Thanks to the wonderful trainers at Lifeskills, we're on to a great course. In fact, if you're looking to scale your team, this course is a MUST-GO, else you may be making a grave mistake!

Check Course Fees:

Full Course Fee: $1,422 (+prevailing GST)

Claimable from SkillsFuture Credit. Course ref number: TGS-2021006711

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Enquiries about the course?

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Mr Dave Goh / 6593 5284

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