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Mr Ho Tze Yee

Mr Ho Tze Yee joined Fei Yue Family Service Centre as a counsellor/senior social worker in 2009 after obtaining his Master of Social Science (Counselling & Psychotherapy).

Tze Yee believes that as a basic unit of society, the family should be an environment where every member can feel safe and secure to develop their potential. During his appointment as Chairman of the Jurong Family Violence Working Group, Tze Yee organized public education initiative on elderly abuse, and also facilitated the collaboration and sharing of best practices between Family Service Centres and Neighbourhood Police Centres.

As a practitioner, Tze Yee is a strong proponent of ‘talking cure’ and its potential in facilitating behaviour change. He has keen interest in working with persons who abuse, and has provided individual and group counselling to help them adopt non-violent ways of relating to their families.

Tze Yee embraces the passion for life-long learning and has attended training in family conflict management & mediation and working with sexual offenders. In 2015, he obtained his Graduate Diploma in Social Work to increase his repertoire of helping skills.

As an Adult Educator, Tze Yee is passionate about imparting and facilitating the sharing of knowledge and skills, and aspires to be an ‘oak’ to grow the ‘acorns’ of all learners.

Mr Ho Tze Yee
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