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Certificate in Practical Counselling (Basic) course in Mandarin 实用辅导证书(初级)

Certificate in Practical Counselling (Basic) course in Mandarin 实用辅导证书(初级)

About the Course

提供基本辅导知识与技巧,并教导学员一套实用的辅导模式。 学员也将透过课程对自我有更深的认识,成为一个更好的助人者。

Course Objectives

第一阶段:自我认识 (生命线和家庭图)

第二阶段:辅导技巧训练 (认识基本的辅导技巧,及如何有效的运用)

第三阶段:辅导模式 (认识一個辅导模式的概念及如何使用)

第四阶段:辅导演练 (透过角色扮演更认识在实务中所面对的课题) 

Who Should Attend



学生必须有75%的出席率,此证书“实用辅导证书(初级)”将由新加坡AHD 专业培训学院 (Academy of Human Development Pte Ltd) 和飞跃社区服务 (Fei Yue Community Service) 颁发。

Course Description

Your Trainer

Ms Linda Chan Chor Miang

Ms Linda Chan Chor Miang

Linda Chan holds a Master of Social Sciences (Counselling) from Edith Cowan University (Australia) and certified in Advanced Certificate in Learning and Performance since 2021. She is currently a Counsellor at Fei Yue Community Service and an Adjunct trainer at AHD and has achieved commendable feedback in the course she conducts, such as Certificate in Practical Counselling (Basic) (Mandarin). Her courses are often accompanied with rich case studies which make learning a breeze.
Having worked in the Public Service Sector for 25 years, Linda has rich work experiences in events management such as Queen Elizabeth II visit in 2006, Chingay Celebrations and National Day Dinners. In addition, she has vast knowledge in managing feedback, ranging from complex to challenging issues and played an active role in strategic planning through close alliances with community partners.
After achieving her Master’s in Counselling, Linda continued her practise as a Probation Officer, working with teenagers and adults to ensure they complete their probation successfully. Her other work experiences encompass being a facilitator cum case-manager with the Singapore Prison Service, providing counselling and equipping inmates and their family with better life skills for their reintegration to society. Linda is savvy in issues related to addictions, mental health, marital and parents-teens communications.
Throughout her career, Linda has worked with people from all walks of life, including Politicians, CEOs, janitors and ex-offenders, enabling her to connect effectively with people.


Lim Ka Yong, Eric , 11 Oct 2016


Zhao Ying, 24 Nov 2015


Pan Yu Qiu, 10 July 2015


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