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UEN No/CPE Reg No/ GST Reg No: 199900986N
(Reg. Period: 19 May 2020 to 20 May 2024)

Certified Stress Management Consultant


This certification training is for people-helpers who want to be equipped to manage the stressors in your life, as well as give you the tools to conduct talks, seminars and workshops on stress management. Uniquely tying the DISC Behavioural System into stress management, this course will give you effective ways of managing stress in your life and tools to help others in your workplace, community or families and manage stress. It will add to your arsenal of tools you can use in your efforts to build strong, healthy teams and relationships and teach others about how they can identify and manage stress in their lives. This evidence-based and comprehensive certification programme is accredited by The Institute of Motivational Learning (IML) Inc., USA.

Other DISC Certifications available:

  • Certified Behavioural Consultant (Basic DISC)
  • Certified Advanced Behavioural Analyst

Course Objectives

This course will help participants:

  • Identify and understand stressors and stress signals
  • Manage stress and build resilience
  • Help others cope more effectively with their stress and achieve balance and success in their lives
  • Develop an understanding of how the four basic personality styles deal with stress
  • Use the strengths of your personality to overcome stress
  • Administer the Stress Evaluation Profile that identifies your individual level of stress in 10 critical life areas
  • Develop a stress management programme tailored to fit your individual style
  • Explore the fact and explode the fiction about stress
  • Learn great tips and techniques you may use in your counselling / coaching / mentoring practice

Course Content

  • Defining Stress – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Stress
  • Identifying Your Stressors – Where is your Stress Coming From?
  • Types of Potential Daily Stressors
  • Exploring the Truths and Exploding the Myths of Stress
  • The Transactional Model of Stress and Coping
  • Creating the Cycle of Success
  • The A-B-C-D Technique of Analysing your Beliefs, Feelings and Behaviour
  • Administering the Stress Evaluation Profile
  • Identifying your individual level of stress in 10 critical life areas
  • Understanding your Stress Signals
  • The 8 Point Stress Management Checklist
  • The Balanced Wheel of Life
  • Using your Strengths to Overcome Stress
  • Understand how the 4 Basic Personality Styles deal with Stress
  • Effective Personal Management Techniques
  • Practicing Extreme Self-Care

Who Should Attend

Social workers, coaches, teachers, youth workers, trainers, counsellors, HR professionals and other professionals working with children and adults.


To be accredited as Certified Stress Management Consultant by the Institute of Motivational Living, Inc. USA, in collaboration with Lifeskills Institute Pte Ltd, participants are required to:

  • Attend two full days of training conducted by our Master Accreditation Trainer
  • Engage fully in all the training and learning activities planned

Course Fees

Fees S$ (Before GST)
Course Fee payable by Participant: $1,280


Ian Tan is a Master Accreditor of the DISC Personality System and PeopleKeys System, and Master Behavioural Consultant for The Institute of Motivational Living, Inc. (USA) in Singapore and Asia. He has accredited over 1,000 Certified Behavioural Consultants from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Australia in the use of personality, learning and motivational profiling tools.

His special interests in research, training and consultancy are in the fields of human potential, leadership, psychology, learning and personal effectiveness. He is able to connect with audience at different levels from youths to adults. Ian’s passion to develop potential in others has seen him delivered workshops and seminars for clients that include educators, senior managers, counsellors, trainers, civil servants and youths of local and regional organisations.

Ian holds a degree in Social Science & Applied Psychology and a Master of Guidance & Counselling. He also holds a Professional Diploma in Training & Development from Singapore Training & Development Association (STADA).

He is a Certified Harrison Assessments Profiler and Certified Habitudes Facilitator. Ian is also an accredited facilitator for leadership workshops using the two powerful leadership tools, the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) of the Leadership Challenge model and the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ) of the Full Range Leadership Model.

Application and Enquiries

Dave Goh

6593 5284

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Course Schedule

Duration 16 Hours
Dates 28 & 29 Sep 2023
Timing 9.00am - 5.00pm
Trainer(s) Ian Tan
Venue(s) To Be Advised