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UEN No/CPE Reg No/ GST Reg No: 199900986N
(Reg. Period: 19 May 2020 to 20 May 2024)

Awarded by The Institute for Motivational Living Inc.

The Institute for Motivational Living, Inc. USA (IML) is a proven leader in the field of Behavioural Analysis. As one of the world's largest publishers of the behavioural and motivational resources, IML has helped countless people gain a better understanding of themselves and others.

The Certification Course will take you step-by-step through a syllabus containing diagrams, graphs and valuable interpretation notes on actual case studies. Participants will be able to work on marriage counselling, conflict resolution, hiring and promotion review, and team building. It includes interactive teaching, self-discovery tools, games, group practice on graphs and profile interpretation.

Participants need to take an online administration of the DISC Personality Style - PAIR (Personality Awareness Impact Report) prior to attending the training.

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